Meet the Team, Our Journey and Vision

Our startup is more than just products or services; it's about making a meaningful impact. We're dedicated to pushing boundaries and pioneering new paths.

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How We Started and What is Our Goal

In the early stages of our startup, we started with a vision for positive change and innovation in Della7. With a spark of inspiration, we aimed to revolutionize the field by pushing technological boundaries.

Through teamwork, brainstorming, and countless iterations, we've evolved from a small idea into a dynamic force with a defined mission.

Oussama E.

Co-Founder & Front-end Architect


Jarno C.

Co-Founder & Solutions Architect


Mohamed E.

Co-Founder & Back-end Architect

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         In this dynamic environment, every team member's unique skills are not just valued but celebrated, creating a synergy that propels us towards success.


In this dynamic environment, every team member's unique skills

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